Monday, March 23, 2009

Extraordinary Stamp !....

Here is an extraordinay stamp issued by Aland giving a look of profile of a man. In fact it is famous Rally Driver, Marcus Gronholm' s view of Aland. He is a Swedish-speaking Finnish rally driver, who after a long career and after two world championships decided to end his career recently. He has designed this 2008's 'My Aland' stamp for the Aland Post. It is a very famous stamp and popular among collectors because of its unique features. It was issued on 26 July 2008.
The stamp illustrates a sinuous red gravel road, a common sight for those who drive along the bypaths in Aland. In the right margin, we see the contour of Marcus Gronholm's and Christoph Treier's profiles in green and light blue. Aland red granite has been burnt right onto the stamp! The gravel surfacing of the stamp is tangible, a unique feature of a stamp issue. The Austrian printing house Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei made the use of red granite possible; however, the granite was sent to Austria from Aland to guarantee its authenticity!

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